Process initiated.

The life, virtues, and reputation of sanctity of Henriette Delille were tried at the Archdiocesan New Orleans Tribunal and an alleged miracle attributed to her intercession was tried in the Galveston- Houston Tribunal.

All documents were signed, boxed, sealed, sent to Rome and  registered at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. These documents were declared valid on November 10.

The Positio, a compilation and defense of all the documents, written by our Postulator, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, on Henriette's Life, Virtue and Reputation of Sanctity was completed.

Seven historians approved the Positio.

Nine theologians gave their approval of the Positio

15 Archbishops and Cardinals from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints affirmed that Henriette Delille practiced heroic virtue.

The Pope declared Henriette venerable.

The research into Henriette's life is now finished, and finished with a positive decision.

The Positio on the alleged miracle was completed. It must be approved by: two doctors; then 7 doctors; and 7 theologians.

The combined work of the doctors and theologians will be given to the members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints who will present the conclusion to the Holy Father.

If positive, Henriette will be declared blessed.

The Beatification Ceremony will take place in new Orleans, LA.

Another miracle will be needed for sainthood.

Annual Mass Honoring Venerable Henriette Delille
Many gathered for the Annual Mass Honoring the life and ministry of Venerable Henriette Delille on November 15. 2014.  Every year many priest, benefactors and friends of the Sisters come together and celebrate the life of the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family and honor her daughters who are presently continuing her vision and mission. 
Continuing with the charisms of the founding members, the Sisters of the Holy Family continues to feed the poor daily. However, once a year the Sisters host a large program where the needed are invited to not only enjoy a meal but are able 
to spend time with the Sisters, volunteers and friends of the Sisters of the Holy Family.
Annual Feeding of the Poor
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