Promotional Items

The money received from these purchases will be used to pay for the expenses of the office and for the 
canonization process.  Thank you for your help.  We also remember our benefactors in prayers.

God Bless You!

All books and DVDs are available on line with the exception of Father Davis' and the 2010 Gould and Nolan's book.  
These two can be purchased from the Delille Commission Office.


SSF Cook Book
Filled with favorite recipies of the Sisters of the Holy Family

Sisters of the Holy Family
- recommended for ages 9 and up -  

The creative work of
Sr. Judith Therese Barial, S.S.F.


Henriette Delille 
Children's Book
$8.00 (includes shipping)

Henriette Delille
Servant of Slaves
Virginia Meacham Gould
Charles Nolan
$5.00 (includes shipping)

Servant to the Slaves, 
The Story of 
Henriette Delille
by David R. Collins
(includes shipping)

Henriette Delille 
by Roger Claudel
in a 5X7 acrylic frame

T-shirt with Delille's

Henriette Delille
Servant of Slaves
Virginia Meacham Gould
Charles Nolan
$18.00 (includes shipping)

A Servant of Slaves 
The Life of Henriette Delille
(A Historical Novel)
by William Kelley
(click here to order)

No Cross, No Crown
Black Nuns in 19th Century
New Orleans
by Sister Mary Bernard Deggs, SSF
Edited by Virginia M. Gould
and Charles E. Nolan
- click here to order -

Sculpture by Judith Nolan
Size:  H 12", L 8", W 7"

Limited edition of 135, an adaptation of Nolan's original stone sculpture, 
Homage to Delille.
The piece reflects the African belief that life is a process without beginning or end, a seamless continuum that folds back upon itself.  The mudra of the finger and thumb touching to form a circle represents that continuous process.

(includes shipping)

Henriette Delille Lapel Pen

Courage of Love
Lifetime Movie
starring Vanessa Williams

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Photo with Commemorative seal of the date 
Mere Henriette Delille was declared venerable

Polo shirts
(white, blue and tan)

S,M,L  =  $20.00
XL = $22.00
XXL = $24.00
3X = $26.00
4X = $28.00

The Subversive Power of Love, The Vision of Henriette Delille by M. Shawn Copeland

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Paulist Press To Purchase

Refllective Prayer
Laquita Baldwin and Company
Number 4 features a song for
Venerable Henriette Delille
$5.00 each

Official Commemorative Envelope for
"A Celebration of Faith"
honoring the Sisters of the Holy Family and Mere Henriette Delille
designed by the U.S. Post Office
(limited number in the Commission Office)

Henriette Delille Pens
1 for $1        3 for $2.50

Henriette Delille Coin Purse
$3.00 each

Prayer Cards and Brochures
(In English, French, Spanish and Vienamese)