Prayer for the Beatification of Henriette Delille

Henriette Delille is a candidate for sainthood.
Promotion of devotion to Henriette Delille is a significant part of the process.
Pray the prayer for her beatification.  
Ask for a favor and please report it to the commission office.  

You may also send your prayer request.

O good and gracious God, You called Henriette Delille to give herself in service and in love to the slaves and the sick, to the orphan and the aged, to the forgetten and the despised.

Grant that inspired by her life, we might be renewed in heart and in mind.  If it be Your will may she one day be raised to the honor of sainthood.  By her prayers, may we live in harmony and peace, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

Nihil obstat:  Rev, Msgr. Franz Graef, S.T.D.

Imprimatur:  Most Reverend Francis B. Schulte
Archbishop of New Orleans Louisiana 
August 23, 1997

Venerable Henriette Delille